Online Dating Basic Tips

Online dating has become a very powerful way of connecting with other single people. Generally online dating sites have all the advantages over offline dating due to features such as search functions to find the people with similar interests, pictures of your potential dates, full profile information pages and the ability to chat and exchange messages online with your future dates.

Online dating sites also have safety features to ensure that your personal information is kept completely safe and secret.

Below are some things you should consider when starting out in online dating.

Pictures: It is important to add a picture in your online dating advert, you are guaranteed to get more replies / contacts with a photo added than without. When choosing your photo ensure that it is a bright and clear picture, it should also have been taken recently and be an accurate representation of how you currently look. Your picture will also perform best if you are smiling, remember a happy face will be far more appealing to someone that has never met you!

Profiles and Dating Ads

When creating your profile your main aim will be to attract the sort of people you wish to date. It is important to add some of your favorite pastimes and pleasures. You will also want to make your profile stand out, try to inject some of your personality in and where ever possible use some humor and fun. Try to ensure you avoid negativity and are honest about yourself and also, maybe most importantly, make sure you are letting potential dates know what YOU are looking for.


Online dating is generally very safe, but you should always take things slow and take your time before giving out any personal information like telephone numbers or your address. You should ask lots of questions, make sure you know as much as possible about a potential date and follow your instincts if something feels ‘fishy’. It is also a good idea to talk on the telephone before meeting; hearing a persons voice and having a proper conversation can tell you a lot about someone. When the time for the first date arrives make sure someone knows where you are going and arrange to meet at a public place like a restaurant, pub or bar.

Closing Thoughts

Try to make sure you are targeting people who share your interests and are a good match for your personality rather than just the best looking person you can find. Taking things slow and viewing lots of profiles before making any moves works best for someone new to online dating, so go enjoy yourself have some fun… and find your new perfect partner!